A Division
 David Gray  Shunters  20 April
 David Gray  Shunters  15 June
 Kevin Doherty  Snooker Social  11 May
 Kevin Doherty  Snooker Social  03 August
 Paul Peck  Wanderers  06 July
 Paul Peck  Wanderers  31 August
 Mark Callaway  FC Arrows  27 April
 Stuart Cowley  Pirates  20 April
 Andy Creighton  Shunters  31 August
 Brian Denney  Comrades Club  31 August
 Bryan Margerison  Shunters  11 May
 Sean Oldfield  Shunters  27 April
 Jim Pickard  Reformers  18 May
 Tony Smith  Snooker Social  01 June
 Neil Warwick  Pirates  01 June
 B Division
 Paul Smith  Thorpe Clangers  20 April
 Paul Smith x 2  Thorpe Clangers  03 August
 Dave Howes  Black Bull  18 May
 Pete Smith Snr  Thorpe Clangers  15 June
 C Division
 Maureen Manning  The Archers  11 May
 Debbie Napier  Misfits  03 August
 Rab Scott x2  The Wick Lodge  27 April
 Rab Scott x2  The Wick Lodge  29 June
 Simon King  The Wick Lodge  27 April
 Simon King  The Wick Lodge  29 June
 Liam Fairclough  The Wick Lodge  15 June
 Mark Hampshire  Out For a Laugh  31 August
 Ray Kirk  The Archers  20 April
 Steve Lucas  The Pullmans  31 August
 Gary Scurrell  The Wick Lodge  15 June
 Phil Tipple  Out For a Laugh  06 July


 A Division
 June Callaway  FC Arrows  109
 Linda Stevens  Reformers    80
 Julia Clements  Wanderers    65
 Jane Moore  Comrades Club    63
 Andy Creighton  Shunters  145
 Ray Spurden  Try Hards  122
 Stuart Cowley  Pirates  116
 Dan Tidmarsh  Snooker Social  115
 Gary Fox  Pirates  100
 Shaun Fox  Pirates  100
 Julian Gould  Wanderers    70
 B Division
 Debbie Parkinson  Kings Arms    97
 Katie Ambrose  Breakaways    84
 Debbie Parkinson  Kings Arms    76
 Steve Lawrence  Three Jays  112
 Jim Bevans  Kings Arms  108
 Pete Smith Snr  Thorpe Clangers  107
 Chris Lynch  Black Bull  106
 Alan Wright  Thorpe Clangers    99
 Brian Adams  Thorpe Clangers    94
 Pete Smith Snr  Thorpe Clangers    93
 C Division
 Debbie Napier  Misfits  108
 Val Gillmore  The Archers    78
 Rab Scott  The Wick Lodge  122
 Mark Hampshire  Out for a Laugh  104
 Paul Robinson  Seaspan  102
 Simon King  The Wick Lodge    95