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CMDL League Rules
 1  The League to be known as the Clacton Mid-Week Darts League
 2  The League to be governed by (a Chairperson and) a Committee
 3  The Committee to consist of 3 Officers - League Secretary,
3  Treasurer and Minutes Secretary - and up to 9 working members
 4  Team entrance per season is £15, to be paid 14 days prior to an AGM/GM
 4  Player registration fees are £2.50 each per season
 4  These fees, accompanied by a completed form, must be received by the League
 4   Secretary 7 days before the first match of a season
 4  A team must have a minimum of 6 players
 4  Only registered players are permitted to play in the League
 5  The Committee shall determine the number of divisions in relation to the number of
 5   teams entering per season
6  Any team, normally playing in both seasons (Summer and Winter), which misses
6  a season and re-enters the following corresponding season will be placed in the
6  lowest division.  Any existing team playing above a division's capability may be
6  promoted to a higher division at the Committee's discretion
7  The League Secretary must be notified immediately, in writing, of any change
7  of Team Captain or Secretary, plus any change of address or telephone number
8  All trophies to be returned to the League Secretary at least 28 days before that
8  season's Presentation Night.  Please return these in the clean condition in which
8  they were received Trophies returned that have not been cleaned properly will be
8   subject to a charge of £5.00 per trophy
8a  Presentation Night tickets may only be purchased in advance, and will not be
8a  available on the door unless any are unsold.  All teams wishing to be presented
8a  with team trophies at a Presentation Night must have at least 50% of team
8a  players present; otherwise a fine of £10.00 will be imposed.
8a  Should teams not wish to attend a Presentation Night, they have the option
8a  of donating the basic cost of trophies to a registered charity of their choice
9  AGMs & GMs (winter teams) are classed as league fixtures - all teams must be
9  represented. The penalty for non-attendance is a deduction of 3 league match points
9a  Rule changes may be made at both Annual and Winter General Meetings
10  All Officers and Committee members are elected on a three-yearly basis unless
10  Rule 13 applies
11  The (Chairperson), League Secretary and Treasurer to each have a copy of all
11  legally-binding documents, i.e. signed Sponsorship Agreements etc.
12  The League Secretary is responsible for signing all legally-binding documents
13  Where any Officer or Committee member fails to fulfil their duties to the
13  satisfaction of the Committee, the Committee can, upon a majority vote, terminate
13  that member's term of office forthwith. 
13  (Should this relate to the Chairperson, he/she may be asked to resign following a
13  majority vote, in favour, taken by the full Committee. If either case should arise the
13  Committee will appoint a replacement, from within the Committee, until the next AGM)
14  Committee meetings will be held as, and when, required
15  Any proposals to be considered at any AGM or GM must be received by the League
15  Secretary, in writing, 28 days before that meeting.  Proposals received will be read
15  out in Matters Arising, and will be put to the floor and seconded before being voted on
15  and possibly becoming valid
16  Any person, or persons, bringing the League into disrepute or involved in violent
16  behaviour or reported for profanity during a match or tournament will incur a
16  penalty deemed as appropriate by the Committee
17  A Newsletter will be sent to nominated Captains or Secretaries following each
17  month's Committee meeting.  This will also be published, minus financial
17  statements, to the League website:
18  New teams applying to join the League must apply in writing to the League
18  Secretary before an AGM/GM. Each new team must be represented at that
18  meeting with the registration form and fee
18  A vote will be taken on their possible acceptance into the League
18  Until a team has been accepted into the League they are not permitted to enter
18  into any voting
19  The Committee have the right to invite more teams to join the League before a
19  season commences should a division require more teams to fulfil it's quota.
19  Additionally, the Committee may promote more teams should the number
19  of new teams entering the lowest division make that division exceed the
19  time limit available for a season's fixtures
20  The Committee will endeavour to send out copies of the Minutes of an AGM/GM
20  to nominated Captains/Secretaries within 7 days of that meeting
21  The Committee's decision shall be final in all disputes
22  Additional players may be signed on up to, and on the night of, the first match
22  of a season.  After this a signed registration form and the fee must be in the
22  League Secretary's possession for 24 hours before a player is classified as
22  registered.  No new signings will be accepted after 24 hours prior to the
22  first league match of the second half of a season, unless a team's only player
22  of the opposite sex withdraws from that team, effectively barring the team
22  from playing their remaining fixtures or signing on for another team.
22  Given this situation, one player of the opposite sex may be permitted to sign on,
22  and play, on the night.
22  To clarify: If a team does not have a player of the opposite sex available to play
22  any given match, and signs on another player, all other players of that sex will
22  no longer be permitted to play for the remainder of a season. Only one player
22  may sign on and play on the night - a team may not sign on different players
22   week after week.
22  The League Secretary must be informed immediately a team Captain becomes
22  aware no player of the opposite sex is available to play in any given match.
23  Transferred players may only play for a new team after a transfer form and fee
23  has been in the League Secretary's possession for 24 hours
23  Both Secretaries must sign the form 
24  No player can play in any team competition match once they have played in a
24  previous round for another team.  No transfers will be accepted later than 24 hours
24  prior to the first league match of the second half of a season.
25  Height of dartboards to be 1.723m (5' 8") from the floor to the centre of the bulls-eye
25  The length of the throw, from the face of the board to be 2.368m (7' 9¼") or 2.93m
25  (9' 7½") from the bulls-eye to the oche.  This is the recognised standard darts throw.
25  All throws to have a fixed, raised oche
26  The 'bust' rule will apply in all matches and competitions
27  Both Captains are responsible for the draw.  No player may be substituted after a
27  draw is made.  All stages of the match are to be drawn before that part of a match
27  begins; except for the team game.  The Away team to have the option of providing
27  a Caller, with the Home team providing a Chalker.  The Chalker is Referee, whose
25  decision in all matters relating to the game is final
28  The Team game to be written up by 8:30pm, with the Home team starting the first
28  game and other games starting alternately.  Order of play to be continuous, with
28  the next draws commencing as soon as each stage finishes. It is permissible to
28  make the entire draw at the beginning of the match
29  Any visiting team failing to turn up on the night for a League, or team
29  competition, match will be penalised with a score of 7-5 against them, and
29  deducted a further 3 points and fined £10 towards the cost of refreshments.
29  This fine must be paid to the League Secretary within 7 days of receiving notice.
29  No matches are to be postponed except for abnormally bad weather (in winter)
29  or tragedy affecting the team; although the Committee would look at each
29  individual request for postponement on merit.
29  Any League or Cup match postponed due to weather conditions etc. is to be
29  played within 4 weeks.  If teams fails to agree on a date, the Committee will set
29  a date which will be binding.
29  In cases of foreseeable postponements (e.g. multiple team members on holiday
29  at the same time) the match should be played prior to the fixture date.
29  Shortage of players is not a valid reason to postpone matches.
29  The League Secretary must be advised, by the postponing Captain, immediately
29  a game is called off
30  Any player not present when their name is called will forfeit that game
30a  Whilst a match is in progress, all mobile phones should be switched to 'silent' or
30a  'vibrate'.  No mobile phones to be taken to the oche, and whilst a team member
30a  is playing a leg s/he will not answer or make a call on their mobile
30a  The penalty for infringement will be a deduction of one point from the team
31  Any team playing an ineligible player will have 3 points deducted, whatever the
31  result of the match in question
32  The Secretary of the winning team is responsible for ensuring the result card
32  reaches the League Secretary by 10am or first post on the Monday following a
32  League match.   Failure to do so will result in the opposing team being awarded
32  the match 7-5.  In cases of a draw, the home Secretary takes responsibility.
32  The Secretary of the winning team of any team competition match, up to the
32  semi-final stage, must submit the result card to the League Secretary within 3
32  days of being played
33  Any team unable to fulfil all its fixtures will have their position discussed at
35  Committee level. No team to claim winners or runners-up position of a division
35  without fulfilling all League fixtures (to the satisfaction of the Committee)
34  All players and both Captains must sign the result card before sending it in.
31  Should a player leave a venue without signing the card, all games that player
31  has played will be nullified with the result being adjusted accordingly
35  All claims for High Shot Out and 180s must be recorded on the relevant result
35  card - word of mouth is unacceptable.  High Shot Outs and 180s count only in
35  League matches
36  All teams must have a minimum of one registered player of the opposite sex
36  available to play in each stage of a match: Team game, Triples, Doubles and
36  Singles.  Failure will result in the opposing team being awarded a 7-5 win
36  with the offending team being deducted 3 league match points
36  If a team has a reduced number of players, all games may still be played but
36  the team must forfeit the throws of the players they are short
37  In Singles games, if a team is short of players both teams will put 6 names into
37  the draw.  Whichever player draws a 'bye' gains the win.
37  The player cannot be chosen - this must be drawn
38  A list of all registered players must be available at each venue
39  No Electronic Scoreboards to be used at match venues - chalkboards only
40  Team competition matches played at Home venues on 'by' dates:
40  Away teams to offer 3 dates, with a maximum of 2 dates in one week and 1 date
40  in another week, or 3 different weeks provided there is sufficient time
40  available and the days of the week are not all the same.  Bank Holidays are
40  unacceptable unless by mutual agreement of both teams.  Cup matches to be
40  arranged between team Secretaries only.  If dates cannot be mutually agreed
40  upon, the Committee will mediate
41  Team competition matches played at Home venues:
40  The teams at the top of each pair to be known as the Home team unless stated
40  otherwise, i.e. Semi-Finals & Finals nights.  The format will be clearly defined
40  for each trophy
42  All players in Semi-Finals & Finals team competition matches to be drawn, with
40  one league member from the floor to witness each draw
43  All registered players must play a minimum of one league match to be eligible to
40  play in the league tournaments being played throughout the season.  Any team
40  entering an ineligible player in any tournament will result in that game being
40  awarded to the opposing player/team
44  Teams are required to register for team competition Semi-Finals and Finals from
40  7:30 - 8pm when play will commence.  Any team failing to attend will be ineligible
40  to play in that competition the following corresponding season
45  Names of entrants into Mixed Triples, Mixed Doubles and all other Doubles and Singles
40  tournaments to be submitted to the League Secretary no later than 8pm on the
40  Wednesday prior to each competition.  Players can be entered on the relevant forms,
40  by telephone or email, where applicable.  No entries will be accepted on the night.
40  Each draw will be made at 7:45pm, with play commencing at 8pm.  Any player not
40  present at 7:45pm without prior notice will be removed from the draw. 
40  Players will be called to the oche 3 times before being disqualified from any competition
46  Captains' & Secretary's Cups: The nominated Vice Captains and/or Secretaries are
40  eligible to play in place of team Captains and/or Secretaries only if team Captains and/or
40  Secretaries are unavailable due to work commitments etc.  Any team not represented in 
40  either, or both, will incur a penalty of £5.00 each, to be donated to the League charity.
40  The League Secretary must be advised of any changes beforehand
47  All tournament draws to be made by a member from the floor on the night
47a  All Singles & Doubles competitions (including Captains', Secretaries and all league cup
47  matches) to be played by league match formats: i.e. 501 Doubles & 401 Singles
48  Doubles and Mixed Doubles partners will only be accepted if they are members of the
40  same team
49  Spare players for Doubles and Mixed Doubles will be drawn from the hat.
40  Selection of a partner from another team is not permitted
50  Where tournament formats state 'Losers to Chalk':  If a player does not chalk after
40  losing a game and does not have a substitute chalker readily available, he/she will
40  be excluded from all competitions for the remainder of any given season
51  The Peter Thorne and Albert Fuller are for scratch pairs only and will be drawn from the
40  hat on the night. 
40  At the 2013 AGM, Macmillan Cancer Support was elected 'Charity of the Year'
40  Proceeds of the winter Albert Fuller Charity Cup are donated to the League Charity
40  Proceeds of the summer Madge Foley Shield always benefit Essex Air Ambulance
40  Winners of the summer Peter Thorne Cup to nominate a charity of their choice
40  Trophy winners who would prefer, may donate the basic cost of any league and cup
40  trophy to the League Charity or any registered charity of their choice
52  All team competition matches to be played only by the format stated for each trophy
40  There will be one toss only in all tournaments and competitions, the player/team
40  winning the toss to start the first and each following alternate leg
53  Prior to each league competition draw being made, all teams are given the option of
40  entering that competition.  Once entered, all teams should fulfil all fixtures (i.e. not give
40  games away).  Should a team, not honour any competition fixture, that team will be
40  excluded from that specific competition the following corresponding season
54  League tournaments shall be played throughout the season
~Errors & Omissions Excepted